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Al-Shra'ah, A.*;Georghiou P., Helleur, R., Mkandawire, M., Zhao, Y.,** MacQuarrie, S.L.(2017). Optimizing Reductive Degradation of PAHs Using Anhydrous

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Dennis E Curry, Kori  A Andrea, Andrew Carrier, Collins  Nganou, Hope Scheller, Youwei  Zhang; Ken Oakes, Stephanie  MacQuarrie, Mingsheng  Lu, Xu Zhang. Surface Interaction of Doxorubicin with Anatase Determines its Photodegradation Mechanism: Insights into Removal of Environmental Pharmaceuticals by TiO2 Nanoparticles. Environmental Science: Nano-EN-ART-12-2017-001171.R1.

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Andrea, Kori; Wang, Li; Carrier, Andrew; Campbell, Melanie; Buhariwalla , Margaret; Mutch, MacKenzi; MacQuarrie, Stephanie; Bennett, Craig; Mkandawire, Martin; Oakes, Ken; Lu, Mingsheng; Zhang*, Xu. Langmuir Manuscript ID: la-2016-04172p –accepted

Hanieh Bamdad, Stephanie MacQuarrie, Kelly Hawboldt, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Ref. No.:  RSER-D-16-02377 – accepted

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 *Highlighted in Nature (2008, pg 78)

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