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Team MacQuarrie: Welcome


About Us


Postdoc Research Assistant

Ali Shafiee received his Ph. D. in Analytical Chemistry in 2020 and now he is working as a postdoctoral fellow in MacQuarrie group at the department of chemistry. His research is mainly concentrated on material chemistry to develop, characterize and utilize new methods and (nano)materials toward a greener environment.

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Pyrolysis Design and Optimization




Ph.D. Student

Judy is completing a Ph.D. under the supervision of Dr. Stephanie MacQuarrie (primary supervisor) and Dr. Christina Bottaro (co-supervisor at Memorial University) in the Organic-Materials group at CBU; the focus of her research involves modifying and characterizing the surface functionality of crab body powder and crab biochar with more to come! Judy is active in science outreach and enjoys painting, gardening, walking her 3 dogs, and spending time with family.



M.Sc. Student

Sara received her B. Sc. (Chemistry) from Memorial University of Newfoundland and completed an honours project in the Bodwell Group in 2020. Currently, she is completing a M. Sc. in Organic Chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Stephanie MacQuarrie (primary supervisor) and Dr. Francesca Kerton (co-supervisor) in the Green Chemistry and Catalysis group. Her M. Sc. projects she explored the functionalization of biochar (year 2) and collagen peptides (year 1). The focus of her research is the post modification and characterization of natural products for specified applications using green chemistry.



Research Assistant

Haley Oliver is a CBU student who graduated with her honours in chemistry in 2022 and is now pursuing education. This is her second summer working in MacQuarrie Research.

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Research Assistant

Olivia Roland is a Cape Breton University B.Sc. (Chemistry) student, having completed her third year of an undergraduate degree with a minor in engineering. She has been a part of the MacQuarrie Research Group for three summers now. This summer, through an NSERC USRA, Olivia will primarily be working to characterize and functionalize asphaltenes.

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Research Assistant

Madeline graduated with an honours Chemistry degree here at CBU in 2022. She has been in the MacQuarrie Research group since the summer of 2020. Her work involves pharmaceutical char optimization for ibuprofen adsorption from wastewater, along with other pharmaceutical studies.

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NSERC USRA Research Assistant

Andrew is a CBU Chemistry Major (biology minor) going into his fourth year. He is currently working on biochar made from pharmaceuticals for adsorption processes via an NSERC USRA. His eventual goal is to become a pharmacist.



ICE Research Assistant

Na-Yung is a fifth year student in the Chemical Biology co-op program at McMaster University, currently participating in the Inorganic Chemistry Exchange program. Her project focuses on the functionalization of biochar with amine and thiourea groups, for potential applications in adsorbing metals from wastewater and catalyzing enzymatic reactions. Next year, Na-Yung will be working as a research assistant at York University, and finishing her undergraduate degree.



NSERC USRA Research Assistant

Shann is a third year student completing her Bachelor of Science in Biology here at Cape Breton University. The focus of her research is the characterization of pharmaceutical char. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her family and friends, go on hikes, and barrel race her horse Jags.



Clean Research Assistant

Andrea is a fourth year biology major at Dalhousie University. This summer, through the Clean Foundation's Internship Program, she is exploring the ability of various chars to adsorb volatile organic compound emissions from salmon hydrolysates. The project is one of many that are a part of the Marine Biomass Innovation Project, funded by the New Frontiers in Research Fund, whose objective is to valorize marine wastes in Atlantic Canada.



Research Assistant

Brandon is a CBU Student entering his third year of an undergraduate degree with a double major in Chemistry and Mathematics. His current project focuses on the functionalization of biochar with MPTMS for potential applications in gold or silver recovery. This is his first summer as part of the MacQuarrie group.

Team MacQuarrie: Team Members


Look where MacQuarrie Group Members Go


Dr. Preston MacQueen

Preston MacQueen is from Sydney Cape Breton. Preston graduated from Cape Breton University in 2013 with an Honours degree in Chemistry. Preston worked in Proff. Stephanie MacQuarrie’s lab for four years during his time at CBU and did his honours thesis with Proff. Bierenstiel on incorporating BODIPPY dyes into silica materials.
Preston went to Dalhousie University to study organometallic chemistry under Professor Mark Stradiotto. In the Stradiotto lab Preston worked on ligand design and catalyst development for the arylation of small molecules. Preston graduated from Dalhousie with his Ph.D. in chemistry in 2018 and is now heading to MIT for postdoctoral studies in flow chemistry under the supervision of Professor Tim Jamison.


Ryan Bach

Ryan worked in the MacQuarrie Group from 2011-2013. After completing his BSc at CBU he went to DAL pharmacy (2013-2017). He is currently a pharmacist working in Cape Breton.


Kori Andrea

Kori joined the MacQuarrie group in the Summer of 2013 as an undergraduate researcher. She is currently a PhD student at Memorial University under the supervision of Dr. Fran Kerton and holds a prestigious NSERC Vanier Scholarship

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Nicholas MacLean

From 2018-2022, Nic worked in the MacQuarrie group. He graduated with an Honours Chemistry degree in 2022 and is currently taking education here at CBU. He is also assisting in a WHMIS enhancement project, helping to regulate the WHMIS program at CBU.

Team MacQuarrie: Testimonials
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